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Lehua Kaulukukui



One has to ask first why the Foundation was formed in the first place.  It all started in 2009 with genealogy workshop meetings in Waimea which led to the unfolding of familial connections and learning of wahi pana (sacred sites) that are connected to our `ohana.  This, in turn, led to the formation of our Foundation.  From the conception, inception, and eventual formation of the Foundation, membership and everything associated with it chose me.  


James Kimo Sanborn

Vice President

I joined the Board with the aim of bringing my experiences of having served in various capacities on the Boards of the Hawaii Jaycees, United States Jaycees, Hawaii PTSA, and the National PTSA.  I’m also retired Captain of the Hawaii Police Department having served in various positions over a 39-year career.

I look at this as a way of giving back to assisting the Foundation and future generations of the Kuamo’o and Keliipio Ohana. 


Kelli Bond

Interim Treasurer

The Keliʻipio-Kuamo’o Foundation, Inc. provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get to know and to grow with beloved ‘ohana as we enlarge the knowledge base of Hawaiian history—ancient and modern, from all available sources! 

To keep all this going, we must nurture the Foundation’s leaders of today and tomorrow. This is where my background comes in as a consultant (human resources/talent management and communications/editorial services) and as a past board member of several nonprofits (most notably the Association for Talent Development, Orange County Chapter).


Kalimahana Young

Corresponding  Secretary

I joined the Keliʻipio-Kuamoʻo Foundation, Inc. because I want to create a space for our ʻohana to connect with one another. Because weʻre spread out across the globe, building and maintaining connections is vital to the sustainability of the knowledge left by our kūpuna. 

Nanea Lo_edited.jpg

Nanea Lo

recording secretary

I wanted to join the Keliʻipio Kuamoʻo Foundation to strengthen my connection to my ʻohana and Native Hawaiian culture. It is my hope to help pass down the knowledge and history of our family to the next generation, and to emphasize the importance of knowing where you come from.


Kanani Kaulukukui, Jr.


Kanani served as Vice President from 2014 to 2020.  I have a passion for heiau and how they connect to other sacred sites within Hawai`i and beyond.  I take care of our family heiau in North Kohala.


Stephanie Lani McVitty


I joined the Foundation to meet my family while learning and understanding more about our family traditions and culture.  I want to take the knowledge I learn and share it to those interested.  I wish to help support the generations to come in finding their true meaning and continue participating and helping within the community.


Erin Henderson Lacerdo


I joined the Kuamo’o Foundation for my son, Kalāleleuli.  I want him to grow up in an ‘ohana that knows its roots and can carry forward traditions that I never got a chance to learn.  My hope is that he will feel connected to his ‘ohana, kupuna, and one day, his own mo’opuna.  


Michelle Keliipio Lee


I want to contribute to a greater cause than myself. This foundation lays the stepping stones to assist in perpetuating our culture and tradition, and I couldn’t be more honored and excited to be a part of such an amazing endeavor.

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