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Keliʻipio-Kuamoʻo Foundation, Inc. does not begin with us.  It begins with all of our ancestors that ever came before us and the proud  lineages of the union of Isaac Keliipio Sr. and Mary Kaui Kuamoʻo Pauahilani.  According to ancestral records, Keliipio was originally from Hanalei, Kauaʻi.  `Ohana came across the pae ʻāina and eventually settled throughout Puna, Kaʻū, and Hilo.  One account speaks of 7 Kealiʻi siblings of Kaʻ ū with Keliipio being the youngest female sibling.  From Ka`ū, Keliipio married into Miloliʻi family lines and we were delighted to learn from Uncle Walter Kahiwa that the Keliipio ʻohana had their own canoe landing halfway between Miloliʻi and Honomalino.  Members of the Keliipio line are well known for their swimming and life-saving skills and for being the

Caretakers of Mokuola Island in Hilo for 51 years. 


Mary Kaui was born in Honolulu Landing and hails from the Kuamoʻo line.  This is a line of kahuna warrior priests and healers.  The Kuamoʻo clan were known as the “Peacekeepers” of Kohala from the valleys of Pololū to Waipiʻo.   Our great great Tūtū Kuamoʻo practiced the art of healing at Kūpapaulau Heiau in Kukuipahu, North Kohala and had homes in Kokoiki and Kukuipahu.


Our Foundation has a very humble grassroots beginning,  In 2009, informal ʻohana gatherings were held at both the Kanui and Keliipio `ohana homes in Keaukaha, Hilo, Hawaiʻi.  Moʻokūʻauhau (genealogy) was always a topic of conversation, especially since we were involved in being recognized by SHPD as lineal descendants to the Kuamoʻo ʻāina in Kona and to the Lekeleke Battleground through our ancestor, Kekuaokalani. In 2014, we incorporated our vision and mission and obtained the 501(c) (3) non-profit status.  Several of our founding members have since passed away and because of this, we have gone through periods of activity and inactivity.  


We are now in the process of revitalization of the Foundation.  Your generous donation will help to off-sets costs that we incur for various projects and activities.  Our largest cost being the upkeep, maintenance, and stewardship of Kūpapaulau/Kukuipahu Heiau.  We appreciate any amount that you can donate and on behalf of Keliipio and Kuamoʻo and all of our `ohana, we send a heartfelt

MAHALO to you. 


Lehua Kaulukukui, 12/2020

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